Diving in the Jungle its a unique experience

Book your dive, visit any cenote and dive in the jungle, we guarantee you will never forget that magical experience rounded by and exuberant nature and amazing wildlife

Our Team

Instructor Leader - Operations

He is: PADI Instructor and professional shark feeder
Favorite Dive: Punta Sur, (Cozumel)
He Loves: Sharks and Sea Wildlife.
When diving with Him: Relax and enjoy.
Doesn´t like: Greedy People.
Favorite drink: Weißbier.
Favorite quote: Fortune favors the bold.

PADI Divemaster, Shark feeder - Eng/Esp Spoken
Instructor Leader - Operations

He is: Instructor PADI, SDI, TDI, Full Cave Diver (Cancun).
Favorite Dive: Hell Bells (Cenotes), San Toribio (Sea).
He Loves: Diving cenotes sun light beams .
When diving with Him: Just Relax, Have Fun and Let it Be
Doesn´t like: people who wants to break the rules diving supposed to be a “Fun activity” but also have it´s serious part. let´s have fun, but safety First
Favorite drink: Natural Orange Juice.
Favorite quote: 

Instructor trainer, evaluator TDI, SDI and full cave - Eng/Esp Spoken
Manuel Rejon
Manuel Rejon
Instructor Leader - Operations

He is: Instructor Leader, PADI instructor (Cozumel).
Favorite Dive: Maracaibo reef, Punta Sur, (Cozumel).
He Loves: My family, tacos and nap time, Sea life and sharing.
When diving with Him: funny time, I have my tablet to show you and write underwater
Doesn´t like: Traffic. picki people.
Favorite drink: Water fruits or tea.
Favorite quote: Everything you can imagine is real.

PADI Divemaster, - Eng/Esp Spoken
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez
Instructor Leader - Operations

He is: TDI, SDI INSTRUCTOR TRAINER, Full cave diving instructor evaluator and trainer.
Favorite Dive: Cave diving in the room of tears.
He Loves: Dogs, a good coffee in the morning.
When diving with Him: Learn, learn and learn.
Doesn´t like: Smoke and Alcohol.
Favorite drink: Coffee and tea.
Favorite quote: Sharing is caring.

Instructor trainer, evaluator TDI, SDI and full cave - Eng/Esp Spoken
Eduardo Olalde Sr.
Eduardo Olalde Sr.
Operations Team Manager - Operations

He is: Mechanical Engineer, Padi Dive Master.
Favorite Dive: Punta Sur Cozumel Island.
He Loves: My wife, my grandchildren, my dogs.
When diving with Him: Always will keep an eye on you.
Doesn´t like: Crowd cities, traffic.
Favorite drink: Red Wine. Tequila, Jamaica Water
Favorite quote: Family is the best.

PADI Divemaster - Eng/Esp Spoken
Erick Olalde
Erick Olalde
Sales Team Member - Sales Department

He is: Diving since 7 years of age
Favorite Dive: Maracaibo´s vertical wall.  Cozumel
He Loves: Family, Nature, Archaeology, Botanics, off road bikes and nationals parks.
When diving with Him: You can rely on me.
Doesn´t like: Fake people, obnoxious, liars.
Favorite drink: Full bodied red wine. Roasted green tea, Chilled Chamomile
Favorite quote: Always true to yourself to avoid regrets.

Reliable - Eng/Esp Spoken
Lorena Mostkoff
Lorena Mostkoff
Sales Manager - Sales Department

She is: Psychologist Master degree in child psychotherapy and PADI Divemaster.
Favorite Dive: The devils Throat, Punta Sur. Cozumel.
He Loves: Family, Photography, spider craps.
When diving with Him: I will find little thinks for you.
Doesn´t like: Low tolerance, and violence.
Favorite drink: White wine, Red wine.
Favorite quote: If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child we would see the magic in everything

PADI Divemaster - Eng/Esp Spoken
Eduardo Olalde Galvan
Eduardo Olalde Galvan
Operations Manager - Operations

He is: Buissines administrator. MSDT, Padi, SDI, TDI, Cave nd Nitrox instructor
Favorite Dive: Roca partida Archipelago de Revillagigedo.
He Loves: Family, Photography, Summer, Kids, Movies.
When diving with Him: Learn, relax and enjoy.
Doesn´t like: Posers, lies, and don’t sleep well.
Favorite drink: White wine, Red wine Lemonade.
Favorite quote: Always share.

Instructor SDI, TDI, PADI NITROX - Eng/Esp Spoken

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