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OWSI - MSDT - Full cave diver


OWSI - MSDT - Full cave diver


OWSI - MSDT - Full cave diver


OWSI - MSDT - Full cave diver


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About us

Deep Life is a small family operation. Our family move from Mexico City to live in in Cancun 15 years back , in 2004.

We have been diving and have known the reefs of Cancun national marine park Reef, Cozumel diving, and Cenote diving for 35 years.

The family dives for 3 generations, we have been diving since we were kids here.


We offer personalized diving experiences and certifications in Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres. We cover all areas including the incredible and unique Cenote diving, we do Cavern diving and cave diving, we do cavern and cave dives, thus covering the entire Riviera Maya.

At our diving center located in one of the beautiful beaches of the Cancun Hotel Zone, Our Cancun dive shop focus on offering a quality personalized service from our base, and with our fleet of 6 vans, we organize dives in the different diving areas every day.

We want your experience from start to finish to be phenomenal; that’s why we run mostly small and private dive trips to better provide personalized instructions and tours. This allows us to provide all our clients with the best service available covering all the diving areas of the Mexican Caribbean.

With the warm and familiar treatment that characterizes us, we have turned dive clients into real friends from all over the world, fostering a great community.
We are a PADI dive center, providing trust, honesty, and security in each dive.